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Boost Your Surveillance With AI

You describe it, we detect it.

No code required.

Uses existing video systems

Free development, affordable deployment

Configurable detection and alerting

Easy to install, configure and deploy

Customize with no-code UI or simple APIs

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How It Works: AI-Powered Video Processing

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Connect to your video stream by entering the RTSP URL. Give your stream a friendly name for alerting. Create a mask by using the row and column sliders and then select the tiles of interest.

Demo_Stream_Monitoring (2).gif

Enter text descriptions for the object(s) you want to detect. You can also describe the background for improved accuracy. Enter alert settings to get accurate, immediate alerts without false or repeated alerts.

Demo_Stream_Monitoring (4).gif

EyesOnIt will process your video and provide a graph that depicts confidence levels of detected objects based on your descriptions. Alerts are sent in real time.

Computer Vision Made Easy

Keep Your EyesOnIt Without the Hassle

EyesOnIt Software Architecture



State-of-the-Art AI Models

Implement In Hours, Not Weeks

The EyesOnIt Large Vision Model is pre-trained to recognize thousands of common objects and scenarios. Why spend time and money training your own model when you can configure EyesOnIt with natural language text in minutes?

With EyesOnIt, developers and system integrators can implement advanced computer vision quickly with our no-code UI. Or they can use our simple APIs to configure detection, handle alerts and integrate with other systems. 



Flexible Deployment Options

Try It Before You Buy It

You can deploy EyesOnIt at the edge, on premises or in the cloud. EyesOnIt runs on Windows and Linux servers. It automatically uses a GPU when present, or uses the CPU when no GPU is found.  

Not sure if EyesOnIt is right for your business? Try our free demo online with your own images to see how it performs. Create a free developer account and use our Docker image for further testing. All at no cost!

Why People Choose EyesOnIt

Made with Developers & System Integrators In Mind

Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Our AI technology is state-of-the-art and constantly evolving to provide the most accurate and reliable detection possible.

Simple Licensing, Great Pricing

We offer affordable licensing and 60% volume discounts. You get great value when you add EyesOnIt to your system.

Quick Start, Full Customization

Our no-code UI and flexible API offers a quick start with unlimited expansion. Create your first monitoring configuration in minutes, then improve with custom logic over time.

Free Expert Support

Through our community forum or calls with our experts, you can get the answers you need to deploy the perfect solution.

Our Process

Your Journey to Advanced Image Processing

EyesOnIt Process
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Learn More

Download our one-pager to learn more about EyesOnIt. Share your specific use case for details on how our computer vision technology can help. 

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